Fall/Winter Leagues

Sport Bowl features leagues seven days a week. Our leagues are fun, competitive and professionally managed. You will have a great time and look forward to league night every week when you bowl league with us.

Sport Bowl leagues


League Information

Adult Leagues

usbc-logoSport Bowl hosts mens, womens and mixed leagues seven nights a week during the winter season (end of August – May). Sport Bowl also has summer leagues including the Child Adult League, Racing League and a PBA Experience league.

Are you already in a league? Track your stats, scores and team standings with League Secretary! This handy service is free to all Sport Bowl league bowlers.

Youth Leagues

usbc-youth-logoSport Bowl has youth leagues on Saturday’s during the winter season (end of August – May) for children ages 5-18, or applicable USBC age.

Our youth league features coaches for all levels of youth bowling, along with “Holiday Party” days where kids can dress up and/or celebrate various holidays (such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day) throughout the season.

Sport Bowl is also a member of the “Get Behind the Badge” program through the USBC, to keep our youth bowlers safe. Learn more about Behind The Badge!


League Secretary

Already in a league? Keep up-to-date on your stats including scores, team standings and more with League Secretary.

Bowling-League-SecretaryLeagueSecretary.com is the only service in the bowling industry that provides bowling center and bowling league information such as standings, team rosters, recap sheets and game-by-game bowling data.

Many bowling leagues on LeagueSecretary.com have data dating back to 2001 when its site was first launched. With this data, the bowling enthusiast can view their progression, not just week-to-week, but season-to-season. Information such as:

> Bowling Average by Game and Week
> Bowling Average by Month and Season
> Bowling Average by Ball and Lane Conditions
> Bowling Average by Pair of Lanes

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High Scores

See high scores from the 2019-2020 season and past league seasons. Click here!