Sport Bowl Pro Shop

Our pro shop is open seven days a week and carries a large inventory of bowling balls from brands including Ebonite, Storm, Hammer, Track, Roto Grip, Columbia 300 and more. We also carry Dexter and Storm bowling shoes, as well as bowling accessories like bags, towels, ball cleaner, puff balls, wrist guards and much more.


Pro Shop Services

> Fit and drill (finger tip or conventional)
> Plug and re-drill (all 3 holes)
> Plug and re-drill (thumb only)
> Replace finger grips
> Replace thumb insert
> Resurface, polish and cleaning
> Enlarge hole
> Plug balance hole
> Plug and re-drill finger holes
> Install finger grips and/or thumb insert
> Revivor (bakes oil out of ball w/o voiding manufacturer warranty)
> Hook again
> Haus Resurfacing Systems
> VISE Interchangeable Thumb inserts
> Find PAP, axis tilt, axis rotation, ball speed, rev rate
> VLS System (Vector Layout System), Storm 2LS


Pro Shop Staff


Jeremy Sonnenfeld

On Feb. 2, 1997, at Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln, Neb., a sophomore on the University of Nebraska men’s bowling team did what is often considered the ultimate in bowling accomplishments. Jeremy Sonnenfeld managed to string 36 consecutive strikes on three separate sets of lanes to achieve the first ever USBC approved 900 series. Jeremy’s was the first approved 900 series in the history of the United States Bowling Congress. Watch news coverage of his historic 900 series on YouTube. Sonnenfeld is now co-owner of Sport Bowl, an Ebonite staff member, and serves as a valuable member of our pro shop staff.



Russ Oviatt

Russ Oviatt was born and raised in Sioux Falls. He attended Roosevelt High School and later graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Russ is a four-time Collegiate All-American bowler and has two PBA regional titles to his credit. Russ competes full time on the PBA Tour and is a staff member with Brunswick, Vise Inserts, and Mongoose Bowling Products. Russ is also a USBC Certified Bowling Coach. With the knowledge and experience he’s gained on and off the lanes, he now serves as a valuable member of our pro shop staff.



Dave Parker

Dave Parker is the owner of the Sport Bowl. He was influential in developing the pro shop over the last 40 years, getting it to where it is today. He has a lifetime of experience in drilling bowling balls, coaching youths and adults, managing and operating a bowling center and participating in league bowling with a 200-plus average. Dave has been drilling bowling balls at Sport Bowl since the 1970s. In that time, he has worked on everything from plastic to rubber to today’s high-performance reactive resin. Dave has a wealth of bowling knowledge.